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Improve your body composition, learn how to eat for health, and gain the confidence that comes through personalized 1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching.

Why Choose Verix Athletics?


Personalized Plan

We take the time to create a plan based 100% on your current situation & needs.


Online Software

Nutrition software to keep everything organized.


Daily Education

Learn about proper nutrition and eating habits so you can succeed past coaching


Outcome Based Decisions

Collect information, test new strategies, and make decisions based on the results.


Check Ins

Bi-weekly video check-ins and unlimited messaging with a PN certified nutrition coach



Gain access to a supportive community via a members only group.

InBody Biometric Scan

We believe in using Outcome Based Decisions. We create a change and then monitor the results. The InBody scanners give us a non-invasive means to monitor changes in weight, fat mass vs fat free mass, and many other metrics important to your health.

Your Scan Includes: 

- 20 Minute Consultation to explain results

- A take home sheet with the breakdown of stats


Phase I is all about determining your current nutrition skills and habits. From there, we create a custom plan based on your needs. We will do an InBody scan to determine a baseline to which we will measure improvement in the future. To help you stay on track, Phase I includes bi-weekly meetings with a member of our team.

PHASE I Includes:

Bi-Weekly Meetings (in-person or via Zoom Call)

Monthly InBody Scans

Weekly Electronic Check-Ins

Healthy Recipe Book

Daily Lessons to support your habits


3 month Commitment

What Our Clients Say


My weight is something I have always struggled with. I met with Tyler because I had a lack of energy and felt it had something to do with my diet. Even though I was eating all the right foods, I had no energy. Tyler has completely helped me change my relationship with food. I'm healthy, I'm fit, and I have more energy! Thank you Tyler!


I cannot say enough about how happy I am with Tyler. In Jan 2022 I wanted to lose weight, I was 180lbs and wanted to be 150lbs. He set me up a nutrition routine and taught me how to eat foods so not a diet but a change in eating habits and it's now August and I'm 150lbs. I still eat the way he taught me, I don't starve, I think I actually eat more but weigh less. This is the gym and the trainer/nutrition coach you want in your corner. He is there every step of the way.



I started going to Tyler for Nutrition Coaching and it was the BEST thing I have done to better myself. I often say it is not a "diet" and I don't feel deprived. He has taught me a lot about food and is always there to answer any questions I have. I'm grateful to have the most non-judgmental, caring, and thorough coach!

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