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Not everyone has the time or money for full coaching. Our condensed program is for anyone who wants some help and accountability, but do not need 1:1 meetings with a coach.

What You Get

With your membership you will receive:

  • Custom Macro Guide

  • A resource library to help you plan and crush your week

  • Weekly text check-ins

  • Discounted subscription to our online training programs

  • A certified coach who really wants you to reach your goals

Who the Lifestyle Lite Program Is For

Anyone who has a solid set of nutritional skills, but still wants some expert guidance and support. This is a great program if you are already comfortable accurately tracking macros.

Meet Our Coaches

Meet Our Coaches

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Training Software to Fit Your Life

Daily Education

Verix is an education-based company. We want you to feel confident about "the why" so you can succeed when you are no longer with us. That is why we provide daily education to boost your learning and application.

Connect with Your Favourite Apps

Our software integrates with many popular apps (Garmin, Cronometer, Apple Health, etc.) to provide us with as much information as possible.

Custom Macros/Hand Portions

Our coaches will provide you with a completely custom plan. Want to count macros? Great! You can see all your information on our dashboard. Want to use Hand Portions? No problem! We'll work with you to build a plan that you can stick with.

Track Your Progress

We track a number of important metrics to get the full picture of your health and progress. This includes weight, muscle mass, daily steps, and much more.

Simple to Follow

Although packed with powerful resources and information, our app is easy to use. You focus on building sustainable change, we'll worry about the back end stuff.


Verix Nutrition clients receive free access to our library of At-Home Programs as well as discounts to our online programming subscriptions.

Value: $99


Verix Athletics is an education-based company. We believe that long-lasting results come from what you know and what you can consistently do. To help you learn the "why" so you can succeed once done with coaching, we provide daily lessons based on your current goals and needs. 

Value: $299


Your client portal is packed full of helpful resources to help you along your journey. Resources available include Monthly Recipe Packs, Templates, E-Books/Guides, and more! 

Value: $399


Ready to Get Started?

Please complete the following questions to book your free consultation with one of our coaches!


What Our Clients Say


My weight is something I have always struggled with. I met with Tyler because I had a lack of energy and felt it had something to do with my diet. Even though I was eating all the right foods, I had no energy. Tyler has completely helped me change my relationship with food. I'm healthy, I'm fit, and I have more energy! Thank you Tyler!


I cannot say enough about how happy I am with Tyler. In Jan 2022 I wanted to lose weight, I was 180lbs and wanted to be 150lbs. He set me up a nutrition routine and taught me how to eat foods so not a diet but a change in eating habits and it's now August and I'm 150lbs. I still eat the way he taught me, I don't starve, I think I actually eat more but weigh less. This is the gym and the trainer/nutrition coach you want in your corner. He is there every step of the way.


I started going to Tyler for Nutrition Coaching and it was the BEST thing I have done to better myself. I often say it is not a "diet" and I don't feel deprived. He has taught me a lot about food and is always there to answer any questions I have. I'm grateful to have the most non-judgmental, caring, and thorough coach!

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