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About Verix Athletics

The name that tells a story all too familiar

Life after competitive sports, what's that like? Many of us grow up playing every sport that we can. We thrive under structure, we love the feeling of pushing ourselves, we crave the competition. But there comes a time in all of our lives when we hang up the cleats. For myself, that came rather suddenly. Shortly after my rookie season playing basketball for the Medicine Hat College Rattlers, I was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called PNH. Needless to say my college career was over. Going from an active athlete to not being able to get up the stairs without gasping for breath was a hard adjustment, and there was a time where I didn't know if I'd ever be able to pick up a ball again. I lived my whole life identifying as an "Athlete". Now what?

While this story may have it's differences, many athletes go through this at some point or another. For me, it took a while to learn that I can still be an Athlete even if I'm not directly involved in a College level sport; that's okay. If you are committed to training and getting better physically, mentally, emotionally, you are an athlete.

Verix Athletics is committed to the Athlete. We create professionally designed programs based off of the most current research, are mindful of concepts like the Long Term Athlete Development Model, and provide an all-encompassing service.

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Life is never a straight , there are always ups and downs as represented by the waves of the Verix Athletics logo.


"VER": The Greek root word for "truth". We believe that each individual we work with has to opportunity to learn who they really are through training. As an athlete and as a person.

"IX": To help structure a plan that will help you reach your potential, we key in on 9 traits. (read below)


Meet Our Coaches

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