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Are you tired of Yo-Yo Dieting? Do you want to eat healthy while still enjoying food?

The Clean Eating Program is a 4 week kickstart challenge to a healthier and more confident you. In this program, we address all things nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle to build a solid base for years to come.

Coach Danielle

Who We Are

Verix Nutrition

Verix | Nutrition is a group of health-minded coach dedicated to Long-Term Health & Body Transformations. In our programs, we teach our members the core principles of food and nutrition.

Coach Tyler
Coach Steve
Coach Danielle
Coach Kaity
Coach Kianna

How The Program Works



Understanding where we are starting is key to measuring progress over time. Participants are given a Body Composition measurement using our InBody 570 scanner.



Challenge Participants meet at Verix HQ for a Nutrition Seminar and go over the basics of healthy eating, how to make the most of the program, and the challenge rules.



Over the next four weeks, we will deliver daily education to help boost your knowledge and drive habit formation. Participate in our weekly challenges to win prizes from local vendors!

Coach Danielle

What's Included?

Verix Nutrition

We want to ensure that you have everything you need to succeed in this program, so we have prepared the following resources for you:

Two InBody Biometric Scans

Kickoff Group Nutrition Seminar | June 28th @ 7:15pm

4 Week Handbook for Tips and Resources

Ongoing support from our Coaching Staff

Training Software to Fit Your Life

Daily Education

Verix is an education-based company. We want you to feel confident about "the why" so you can succeed when you are no longer with us. That is why we provide daily education to boost your learning and application.

Connect with Your Favourite Apps

Our software integrates with many popular apps (Garmin, Cronometer, Apple Health, etc.) to provide us with as much information as possible.

Track Your Progress

We track a number of important metrics to get the full picture of your health and progress. This includes weight, muscle mass, daily steps, and much more.

Simple to Follow

Although packed with powerful resources and information, our app is easy to use. You focus on building sustainable change, we'll worry about the back end stuff.

Is this program right for me?

That depends, do you......

Have a history of trying random diets, only to fall off in the end?

Feel Tired, Hungry, and Sleepy all day?

Want to improve your health, eating habits, and stay fit?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help!

Get Healthy, Win Prizes!

We have partnered with Supplement King, Medicine Hat to sweeten the deal! Winners of the

Nutrition Challenge will receive:

Supplement King.png
Triblend Brick Side_edited.png
InBody 570 Front_edited_edited.png

Free InBody Scan

Verix Clothing

Supplement Package courtesy of Supplement King

Cash Prize (Entry Fee)


Supplement King.png
Triblend Brick Side_edited.png

Imperial Shaker Cup

Verix Clothing


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I don't want to track macros or measure my food?
    Nutrition comes down to the things you know and the things you can do. Not everyone is ready for tracking macros, and that's okay. Many of our clients follow a more flexible hand portion system to measure their intake.
  • How often will I talk to my coach?
    We offer a few different options based on the type of support you need. If you require regular check-ins from your coach, our Lifestyle program includes bi-weekly meetings with you coach on top of weekly video messages/text check-ins.
  • I have a busy work/home life; will this program still work for me?
    Fitting nutrition around your schedule/lifestyle is paramount to your success. No matter your life circumstances, we are here to support you wherever needed.
  • Does Nutrition Coaching include a training plan as well?
    Daily movement and exercise is a key pillar to achieving your goals and sustaining them. Our program features a number of programs whether you are working out at the gym or at home. When you're ready to step it up a notch, some options also include access to our Verix | Online programming which is programmed via the TrainHeroic app!
  • Do you offer 24hr access?
    Unfortunately, no. Our facility is dedicated to providing individualized care to all our clients, so we are focused on private/small group solutions to your health & fitness needs. We sell coaching, not access.
  • How do I know this is the facility for me?
    We want you to feel comfortable with your decision before you buy, that is why we offer free consultations so you can see the facility and chat with one of our coaches. This ensures all of your answers are answered before you commit. To book your free consultation, you can book it here.
  • How do I get started?
    The best way to get started at Verix Athletics is to book a free consultation. Once you meet with a coach, they will offer some advice on the best place to start. From there, we'll take care of the rest! Not ready to commit quite yet? Take a peek at some our free resources/guides/articles to get you started.
Coach Tyler
Healthy Cooking


First 10 People to Register Receive:

Shaker Cup

Sample Pack of Supplements

Ready to Get Started?

Please complete the following questions to register for the July Kickstart Challenge!

Clean Eating Program

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